Hello, I'm Jean Fisher, thank you for dropping by my website. Angels play an extremely important role in my life and there will be no coincidence as to why you have chosen to look at my site. Angels are urging you to communicate with them.



White Feathers

“After the sudden death of my husband Martin in 2005, the life I knew and loved had gone. I needed to find comfort and peace for myself and those around me. As I craved this restoration of faith, I started to find white feathers - often when I was at my lowest, I learned that these were signs from the angels letting me know that they were near me. I began reading literature about angels, and the more I read the greater my thirst for knowledge became. Knowing that I needed to find a new life path, I began asking my angels for guidance. Their guidance lead me to leave my Civil Service job of 17 years and start my own business.

As the name suggests, ‘Hearts & Angels’ indicates love, health, happiness, and most of all inner peace within ourselves.

After attending an Angel Workshop, I knew then that was my path in life. I have studied in Hawaii with Dr. Doreen Virtue herself, and qualified in March 2008.

I opened my practice on my return. I qualified as an Angel Therapy Practitioner and Reiki Master / Teacher. Also, I am qualified in Life Coaching, Happiness Coaching, Meditation Teaching and Laughter Yoga Teaching. I also offer a range of Holistic Therapies to aid well being. I have a dedicated therapy healing room in my home and have received an overwhelming response to the therapies I offer. People have often said to me that they think they can sense a guardian of some sort watching over them Angel Therapy can help you connect with these guardian angels and even become attuned to hear their messages and guidance.

I help people to release negative emotions and increase a sense of well being and positive harmony and balance in their lives. In my workshops I teach people how to connect with their angels through angel meditation and angel attunements. The key message that I impart to everyone with whom I meet is simply to ask for help and guidance. Manifesting and creating a blue print of your perfect life, via the laws of attraction (positivity attracts positivity) can help you realise your dreams and achieve your goals in life.

To contact me please call on
Jean Fisher 01536 745957 or 07796 081170

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