Here are many wonderful testimonals that have been given to me by some of the people that have been to my workshops and I have given readings.


From News of The World Fabulous Magazine,
article on Angels 20th December 2009

The Angel Therapist Former civil servant, Jean Fisher, 42, a mum of two, believes angels started looking after her following the sudden death of her husband in 2005.
‘After my husband Martin died, I was lost. The life I had known was gone forever. At my lowest moments, I'd find white feathers everywhere. I found out they were supposedly linked to guardian angels and that sparked my interest.
Since then I've studied angel therapy with Doreen Virtue and I hold regular seminars and have a healing room in my home. People come to see me after a bereavement, a relationship breakdown, or any life crisis. They could just be stuck in a rut and want to find out about their future and where their life is leading.
During a session of angel therapy the client lies on a bed, fully clothed, in a dimly lit room with soft music playing and oils burning. The therapist lightly places their hands on the head, stomach, knees and feet while silently calling on the person's guardian angel, along with angels of healing. More and more young women are coming along often as a group, with work colleagues or friends. These are intelligent, professional people who are convinced they've had angel experiences - they can't all be wrong.’

‘We Believe in Angels’

‘Shrek’ star Cameron Diaz, 37, is convinced she's had angelic protectors since childhood. "I know I have many guardian angels with me all the time," she says.

Former ‘Bond girl’ Denise Richards, 38, connected with angels after her mother died. "I believe we all go somewhere and that angels do exist," she admits.

‘Singer’ and ‘actress’ Jennifer Hudson believes that her murdered mum, Darnell Donerson, is her guardian angel and that she is helping Jennifer learn to care for her new son, David, four months. "I feel her with me all the time," she says.
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Listen to the BBC Leiceter Radio on Angel Therapy and hear Jean's interview. therapy feature

Jean Fisher at Ragdale Hall

I was invited by Ragdale Hall to do talks about Angels and Angel Therapy to their residential guests and will be working with them when they hold Energy healing weeks to advise on Angel Energy and to give workshops.

'Thank you so much for the talk last week.  It was very popular. We had a lot of good comments from the guests.' Alison – Head of Guest Relations

Jean Fisher at Sedgebrook Hall

I have ran workshops at Sedgebrook Hall  for Vitality Holistic Therapy and also given talks and personal Angel Readings.

' I enjoyed the Angel Workshop very much. Jean was very easy to listen to and had a lovely friendly personality. Would love to know more and hope to visit her little shop.' Lyn Webb

'I enjoyed the Angel Workshop. I usually find anything to do with Angels be 'airy fairy' but thought it was the best presentation on Angels I've been to. I really liked the presenter Jean, very much - she seemed grounded and knew her stuff.' Jenny Driver

'Jean is delightful and a pleasure to listen to. I am now looking for white feathers everywhere and keep finding 5p pieces instead!' Ruth Chambers

'I was very impressed by Jean with her presentation, and the individual card reading workshop,and as a person. She was excellent considering it was a 'first' for her.' Laurie Wills

Jean Fisher on International Angel Day

I recently ran a workshop for International Angel Day in Corby, Northants.

I didn’t want the day to end.  The energy in the room was amazing. Thank you Jean, I am truly inspired.'  Mandy Cheatley

'This morning I felt that I lacked direction, I am leaving now full of ideas and ready to move forward – please let me know when you do more workshops as I will definitely want to attend'. Sally Nisbett

Angel Readings by Jean Fisher

I give personal Angel Readings to many clients and have extremely positive feedback. Many have contacted me to confirm that they have put the Angel guidance into place and that they feel better about themselves, their lives and futures.

'Amazingly accurate and intuitive, I am simply in awe of the whole experience'.
Joy Lyman

'I feel that you have reached inside and  read my thoughts.  I am so grateful'.
Vicky Olsen

Workshop Comments

'Thank you for a really lovely day, I have learnt things I never thought possible. Thank you, thank you'. Amanda Curtis

'Thank you for the fantastic day. After meeting my guardian Angel, I would like to have spent a lot longer with him!' Hazel

'I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. The feelingsI experienced were very strong and I feel it will help me to look at key areas if my life. It has enhanced my interest in Angels'. Mandy Bunce

A fantastically uplifting day which opened my eyes to an area I previously knew nothing about and now want to learn even more.  Jean is a really inspirational teacher and it has been a real pleasure to meet her and learn from her.'
Su - Uppingham

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