I offer a range of healing treatment designed to give you the opportunity to totally relax and bring balance and harmony to your life.


- 'Rei' can be translated to mean 'Universal Life Force', and 'ki' means 'energy' in Japanese. Together this powerful name and energy is applied with the hands to the body to alleviate pain, stress, emotional turmoil, or simply to keep the mind, body, soul and energy centres known as chakras in perfect balance and alignment.
We are surrounded by energy; every object or being on earth is surrounded by an electrical magnetic energy. When we use Reiki, we are calling upon all the energy in the universe to this place, right here, right now, so it is easy to see how this healing system is gentle, yet effective and powerful. This energy is made up of unconditional love, which is channeled through the healers body, down the arms then hands and into the client. This energy is known as Intelligent Energy, this enters the body and targets the places where it is most needed.
As well as the physical and emotional benefits, Reiki can help in spiritual growth for those wishing to expand their natural gifts and strengthen their connection with the Divine. The result after each session varies from person to person. I tell my clients that Reiki is not a miracle cure, yet it can alleviate symptoms of dis-ease within the body and compliments western medicine and therapies.
Cost is £20 for approximately 40 minutes.

Crystal Reiki

- Using various crystals around the body can strengthen the healing session as the crystals energy resonates with the energy centres within the body removing negative energy and blocks and absorbing that negativity.

Indian Head Massage

- This is a wonderful stress relieving treatment which treats the whole mind, body and soul. The treatment is given with the client seated. I work on the shoulders, neck, upper arms and upper back, the face and scalp. This is a deeply relaxing treatment which helps to relieve any tension and stress that is causing pain or stiffness in the upper body. It also increases blood circulation and stimulates the lymphatic flow which aids in the elimination of toxins.

Holistic Facial Massage

- This treatment is extremely popular. It incorporates a variety of effective techniques from Indian, Japanese Face Massage, Eastern Face Massage and Facial Rejuvenation. The result is a totally relaxing treatment which reduces the tension in the face, jaw and neck. The Holistic massage treats the mind, body and soul as well as leaving the face regenerated with a more youthful appearance.

The Benefits include:

* Improves the complexion.
* Removes Toxins from the face and removes dead skin cells.
* Strengthens and tones muscles which prevents skin sagging.
* Balances the emotions and energy whilst relieving tension and stress. This enhances the overall health and wellbeing and brings about mental and physical relaxation.

Holistic Back, Shoulders and Neck Massage

35 minutes only £20

What are the benefits?

Massage is not only a very enjoyable and extremely relaxing experience, there are also many health benefits to be gained from this treatment. Using a blend of oils to aid deep relaxation, this relaxing massage will treat your mind, body and soul.

The Physiological effects of massage

Improves the tone of the skin and colour.
Encourages better circulation thus a more efficient delivery of nutrients.
Encourages deeper breathing to a more relaxed breathing.
Reduces swelling by encouraging better lymph drainage.
Releives muscle fatigue to tired sore muscles.
Relieves stiff joints therefore more beneficial for arthritis sufferers.
Promotes general relaxation.
Encourages sleep, therefore helps insomnia.
Encourages better waste removal.

The psychological effects of massage.

Relaxes the mind thereby reducing anxiety and its effects.
Relaxing, thereby reducing tension and the effects of stress.
Very soothing and comforting, thereby lifts the spirits on an emotional level, increasing positive feelings.
Increases energy by invigorating all body systems therefore reducing fatigue after the energy in the body is spent held in a state of tension and strain.
Eases discomfort of aches and pain.

To contact me please call on
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