Oracle cards have been used for hundreds of years as a way of giving gentle guidance about the past, present and future. They do not "tell your fortune" but they do give you a sense of peace and guidance to help you make decisions in your life.


Combined Energy Healing and Reading

I offer a shorter Energy Healing session followed by a short reading for £20.
This is very popular as it gives a taster to both treatment and reading.
* Angel Energy Healing with Angel card reading
* Fairy Magic Energy Healing with Fairy card reading
* Goddess Energy Healing with Goddess card reading
* Ascended Master Energy Healing with Ascended Master Reading


- I use a variety of oracle cards to give gentle guidance such as:-
* Angel cards / Fairy Cards / Goddess cards / Ascended Masters cards
* Mermaids / Dolphin Cards / Power Animals.
- Each of my Readings last approx 30 minutes and cost £20.

Readings can be made distantly either by phone or email. If you like to book a Reading please Add to Cart and I will get in touch to arrange times.

To contact me please call on
Jean Fisher 01536 745957 or 07796 081170

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